Learn data science from industry experts at Harvard, Columbia, Cisco, Nokia and more. There are no shortcuts to preparing yourself to become a data scientist. Ivy Data Science instructors are industry thought leaders who provide you with in-depth training in introductory topics like statistics to advanced ones like machine learning.

What makes us different?

1. We are the first Bootcamp to specialize in Deep Learning
2. Receive certification from Experfy
3. Access to paid consulting projects during the Bootcamp
4. Access to our AI Startup Incubator

Artificial Intelligence

Deep Dive into Deep Learning using TensorFlow.  This course is designed for Data Scientists and candidates with machine learning experience.

Data Science Immersive

Apply Deep Learning techniques, primarily using TensorFlow to solve real-world business problems and extract insights and value from business data sets.

Artificial Intelligence Weekends

The weekend bootcamp lasts 8 weekends and covers the most important aspects of Machine Learning/Deep Learning

Artificial Intelligence Evenings

Our career development courses are designed for working professionals looking to up-skill or cross train to a Data Scientist position.

Learn the advanced Data Science and Deep Learning concepts, practices and methods you need to capitalize on the economic, social and business potential of data.
Develop expertise in Deep Learning, finding, manipulating, managing, interpreting and visualizing data.
Gain certification and get placed on short-term paid consulting projects and earn real job experience.
Job placement through our client network – Ivy Data Science, Experfy, and ODSC or join our startup incubator.

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available to students who pass the certification exam

Our Rockstar Instructors

Peter is a published author and computer science industry veteran with twenty years’ experience working in the tech industry. Before entering industry, he solved high energy physics problems while enrolled in the PhD program in physics at the University of Massachusetts at Amherst. Peter then spent several years in industry as a Solutions Architect, and three years as a Research Associate on an experiment lead by Stanford University to measure the mass of the neutrino. He is currently Chief AI Officer at Ivy Data Science where he oversees AI technology strategy and platform & training development.
Dr. Zacharias Voulgaris has a Masters in Information Systems & Technology (City University of London), and a PhD in Machine Learning (University of London). He has worked at Georgia Tech as a Research Fellow and as a Data Scientist in both Elavon and G2. Zacharias has authored two books, Data Scientist: The Definitive Guide to Becoming a Data Scientist (2014), and Julia for Data Science (2016).
Dr. Meloon received his PhD in Applied Mathematics from the California Institute of Technology. He developed machine learning algorithms and software prototypes for classifying vehicles, inferring intent of adversaries, and tracking targets in high-noise environments. He has since worked for various firms in Silicon Valley where he has used reinforcement learning and deep learning approaches to solve problems for a variety of clients.

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