Our Framework

IDS platform is the only single, simple, scalable, automated,optimized, friction free and on-demand set of private and public cloud-based services that you can use to enable AI, Deep Learning and Machine Learning.
  • Multi-paradigm scripting language
  • Automated & scalable with Hadoop and Spark
  • Faster compile times than TensorFlow, Theano and Torch
  • 3D Visualization
  • Data and model parallelism
  • Pretrained models
  • Faster Computational graph
  • Dynamic typing on large software projects
  • Modular pieces that are easy to combine
  • Easy to write your own layer types and run on GPU
  • Most of the library code is easy to read
  • Plug & Play: Write your own training code
  • Support recurrent neural networks
  • Commercial support
IDS’s distribution of Alibaba framework was written for the Java which is is the de facto programming language of most businesses. IDS plays nice with the production stack those businesses already use, and is accessible to most Java programmers.
IDS is distributed. That means it can run on many processing units in the cloud at once, which increases how fast its neural nets learn data. Speed, and the time it took to train nets, were barriers to using deep learning for many businesses. That barrier has been considerably lowered.
IDS can match or surpass any state-of-the-art machine-learning algorithm, and it can do so while performing feature extraction for you, saving data scientists thousands of hours of repetitive work. While results will depend on the problem to be solved, we have attained 97% accuracy analyzing images and text.