Wall Street

Starting in June

Course Details

Class meets from 6:30pm-9:30pm Monday and Wednesday


Week 1 – Data Science Overview

Background of Data Science and Deep Learning, Cloud computing platforms, Databases – SQL and NoSQL, Overview and analysis of algorithms

Week 2 – Hadoop, Spark and Flink

Introduction to Hadoop, Overview of Data streams, Spark Release 2.0, Introduction to Flink, Labs

Week 3 – Machine Learning

Overview of Machine Learning libraries and frameworks, Supervised Learning, Unsupervised Learning, Reinforcement Learning, Labs

Week 4 – Deep Learning I

Introduction to Computer Vision and its applications, Convolutional Neural Networks, Frameworks, e.g., TensorFlow, GPU computing, TensorFlow Labs

Week 5 – Deep Learning II

Overview of Natural Language Processing, A look at Time Series Data – analysis and datasets, Recurrent Neural Networks, TensorFlow Labs

Week 6 – Deep Learning III

A closer look at LSTM, Deep Reinforcement Learning, Applications and Use Cases, TensorFlow Labs

Week 7 – Deep Learning IV

Convolutional Neural Networks Introduction, A look at Gaussian processes, Bayesian inference, TensorFlow Lab

Week 8 – IoT & Visualisation

Overview of IoT with applications, d3, Business Reporting, Wrap up