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Discuss your comfortability with statistics. Have you analyzed a real dataset? If so, briefly describe your statistical analysis and results.

A factory produces fluorescent light bulbs with a certain defect rate of 0.001%. What probability distribution best describes this data? Justify your answer.

Discuss something that you've coded (including the language) and its application. What was the motivation for this work and what were your results?

Coding Question - please show your code

You are driving a little too fast, and a police officer stops you. Write code to compute the result, encoded as a int value: 0=no ticket, 1=small ticket, 2=big ticket. If speed is 60 or less, the result is 0. If speed is between 61 and 80 inclusive, the result is 1. If speed is 81 or more, the result is 2. Unless it is your birthday -- on that day, your speed can be 5 higher in all cases.

caught_speeding(60, False) = 0
caught_speeding(65, False) = 1
caught_speeding(65, True) = 0